Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


PNclient is a network TCP/IP client for supporting communications of the British Columbia PharmaNet project. This is an enhanced client application and API that complies with PharmaNet standards and local pharmacy software requirements to provide complete transmission services between the client and host sites. Harder Software currently provides this communication client to several software vendors. It is in use by the majority of 600 stores in the province, to communicate with the Ministry of Health pharmacy server. PNClient is currently available for Windows, Linux, AIX, and SCO Unix. It can be operated either as a standalone executable, or by linking the API in the form of a C object library.


TPclient is a third party insurance TCP/IP client. Like PNclient, TPclient is the client end of the client/server mechanism. It can be operated either as a standalone executable, or by linking the API (Application Programming Interface), in the form of a C object library, or dynamic link library (in Windows). It provides complete transmission services between the client and host sites, and complies fully with protocol and transaction standards defined by the third parties and provincial insurers that it supports. Almost all third party carriers and provincial insurers within Canada are supported. It has many customizable features, and can be made to run on most operating systems, including (but not limited to) Windows, Linux, AIX, and SCO Unix. 

Server Products


NetSwitch is a TCP/IP smart transaction router, accepting incoming claims and routing them to the appropriate party using a rules based decision structure. The application is capable of translation between supported protocols, and supports server-side SSL/TLS connections. The claim response is routed back to the original requestor on a real-time basis. NetSwitch is a multi-threaded Windows service process that handles HD010, HDR020 and Raw CPhA3 protocols and allows multiple transactions to be routed to multiple destinations.

PharmaNet Portal

The PharmaNet Portal is a web application that provides an interface between medical practitioners and BC PharmaNet. Practitioners can obtain patient demographics and profiles, update patient medication records, look up other practioners, and a variety of other tasks that improve the service they can offer their patients. This product can easily be extended to support PharmaNet access to hospital emergency rooms.

Relay Application Framework

Available for Linux/Unix or Windows, this C/C++ framework is used to develop listeners with multiple port monitoring and multiple instance capabilities. With TLS/SSL, and X509 certificate support, it can be customized as a relay, a front end processor, or both. This is truly scalable solution that has been used for development of custom servers including Dental and Pharmacy claims servers, and many others.